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Sends selected data to a connected GPS device or via QV-NetDrop to another QVX or QVM

First connect the device and wait until it appears in the Xplorer tree. See here for more information on connecting.

For NetDrop devices, make sure that QVX or QVM is running on the device and QV-NetDrop is activated. See here for more information about QV-NetDrop.

Then highlight the desired routes, tracks and/or waypoints and select Send.

Depending on the type and device, further options are then available in the send dialog. Please refer to the device specific chapters for Garmin, TomTom and QV-NetDrop.

If the desired device does not appear in the list, you can check it and click Update.

Then click Send to start the transfer.


QVX can send all kinds of data to all kinds of devices. Not every combination is possible. For example you cannot send databases to a Garmin device and you cannot send tracks to TomTom devices.

Databases can be sent to NetDrop devices, but only when NetDrop is turned on and a NetDrop device is found on the network.

Databases can also be sent to cloud services, but only if the cloud service is also connected, i.e. if the check mark in the Xplorer tree is set.

So if you get the message that no device was found, first check if a suitable device is available and ready.

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