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Export or send routes to TomTom devices

  • GPX (Optimal for Rider 400 and newer)

The GPX file contains a track with a maximum of 2500 points, which is stored in the device like a route is calculated. The mapping of the planned route in the GPS is therefore very accurate. No waypoints are displayed individually as intermediate destinations.

  • ITN (Optimal for older Rider models)

If you transfer the route as an ITN file, all maximum 49 waypoints of a Route shown with an icon on the map. Depending on the routing settings, there may be differences in the route playback.


In order for your Rider 400 and newer to be recognized by QV, you must connect it to the PC via USB. Then the display of the Rider will show the message on the right. Only when you tap on “Import Route” will the rider become visible to QV and data can be transferred.

Under MacOS you need the additional program “Android File Transfer” (download free of charge from Google). The rider is not directly displayed in QV's XPlorer under Mac OS.

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