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Download map packages with Planung - Download packages or Different servers to choose from, which offer maps.



NEW New package, not yet installed
INSTALLED Existing package, already installed
Update Existing package, has already been installed, but there is an update
OSM Packages based on Openstreetmap
Map Packages with map
Routing Packets with routing-Db


If you are looking for a specific country, type the name in the filter field to filter the list accordingly.


Select a package and open the context menu or the options menu:

Open web page Opens the browser with the address of the map provider
Download and install Download and install the package.
Download link address copy Copies the download link address to the clipboard. This allows you to use a download manager or a browser for download. After that you have to install manually with Tools - Install Package.
Open map For already installed packages, opens the map in the map window
Show in database For already installed packages, go to the corresponding entry in the Xplorer
Delete For already installed packages, delete the package from the database and all files from the hard disk

Memory location

The size shown in the list for each package is the size of the download. Unpacked and installed usually requires two to three times the amount of memory. Packages are downloaded to your computer's default download folder and remain there in case they are needed again. To save space, however, they can be deleted manually at any time.

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