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QuoVadis X, or short QVX, is a completely new app from QuoVadis. Contrary to the usual tradition, where QV7 was supposed to be followed by QV8, we decided to take a different, new path this time.

In 20 years of QuoVadis, various products have been developed. In addition to the original QuoVadis, which has been continuously developed further, a version with a smaller range of functions was created in cooperation with the German motorcycle magazine TOURENFAHRER, called easyROUTES. This version is very easy to use due to a well thought-out user interface and is especially aimed for beginners and occasional users.Furthermore, the QuoVadis Mobile version for smartphones and tablets was developed, which is especially useful on the road.

QVX now combines the experience of these three lines in a new version that is both easy to use and powerful and stable with a high level of functionality:

  • Clear and simple layout
  • High performance and stability
  • Platform-independent core and map engine, therefore versions for Windows and macOS available
  • Modern 64 bit architecture as a basis for the next years and future operating systems

QuoVadis X is not the successor of QuoVadis 7, it is a new product and goes a new way together with QVX-Mobile. QV7 will remain in the program and will continue to be maintained with updates, especially for our commercial users and our customers in the Search-and-Rescue, Government and Education sectors.

To ensure that you are satisfied with QuoVadis X and your expectations are fully met, we have summarized some important information here.

Take the opportunity to test QVX with the demo version for 25 days for free.
Please also read the Quickstart to get the first impression of how it works.


QVX runs on all Windows-64 computers from Win 7-64 on. 32-bit Windows will not run QVX. The macOS version runs from Sierra. OpenGL 3.3 or newer is required.

Further information see here.

Demo version

If you are new to QuoVadis X, you can test the demo version for 25 days free of charge and without registration. Just download the software download and activate the demo in the account dialog.


QVX and all maps must be activated online. The activation is done via internet connection, with your QV shop account. Newly purchased maps are also activated with your QV Shop account. If a map from your older purchase is not listed in the shop account, this map can also be activated with the existing serial number in the QVX activation dialog.

Further information see here.

Licence conditions

QVX and all map and routing items may be activated on two computers for private users. If you have more computers, you need correspondingly more licenses, 2 licences for 4 computers, 3 licences for 6 computers etc.

For commercial or governmental use one licence per one computer is required.

Further information see here.

Differences QV7 - QVX-Basic/Standard/PU

QVX is not the successor for QV7 but is a completely new product. Therefore there are some functions from QV7 which are not or not yet included in QVX, for example Multitracking, or the Roadbook Editor. There are also some map formats which cannot be used in QVX anymore. Please check here whether what you need is included.

Version differences Mac - Windows

QVX for Mac and Windows are largely identical. However, there are differences when a particular function requires a third-party library that is not available for Mac. For example, the HERE maps do not run on Mac, nor do the compass and DAV maps.

Further information see here.

Updates and support

The software is delivered as a download and includes the permanent license and one year of use of the routing engines Graphhopper and Microsoft Maps, free support and free updates. After the first year the software can be used with the current version with full functionality, but without Graphhopper/MS-Routing, without support and updates.

If you want to continue using Graphhopper/MS routing, updates and support, you can purchase an additional year of use at any time.

You can also upgrade to a higher QVX version (from Basic to Standard or PU) at any time. Then a new year of Graphhopper/MS routing, updates and support will start.

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