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Project manager (PM)

The project manager lists all objects currently loaded in the Map window in a tree structure:

The checkbox can be used to hide and show individual elements or entire groups of elements.

Options Menu
Properties Opens the properties window of the object selected in the tree
Save as Saves all currently loaded objects as a project in Xplorer window
New project Removes all maps and objects from the Map window
Group by data type Groups the tree view by data type, e.g. waypoints, maps, routes
Group by data source Groups the tree view by the database/table where the objects are stored in Xplorer window.
Collapse all Closes all nodes opened in the tree
Close Closes the PM window, can be reopened with the PM button from the main toolbar.
If this switch is activated, the objects selected in the PM will also be highlighted in the Map window.
If this switch is activated, only the objects selected in the PM can be edited in the map window. This is useful, if there are several routes and tracks in the Map window and you want to avoid accidental editing of a route which you don't want to edit.
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