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Location service

Windows and Mac have a positioning service that always provides the current position if possible. QVX can connect to this service, but you must use it with caution, because often it is not clear where this position comes from. If no GPS is available, often a Wifi position is determined, which can be very inaccurate.

The service appears in the QV Xplorer tree as a Mac or Windows position service:


Now you can start the GPS Online

Please note the fix and the value for HA - Horizontal accuracy in meters. GPS devices deliver a value less than 10m here, then the fix is ok and you can navigate well, although the value can go up if the reception is poor.

But if the value is greater than 50m, the fix jumps to Poor. Normally this is a sign that the position service uses a Wifi interpolation. A navigation is not possible with this.

Note: If the ha: indicator is missing, you can turn it on in QVX Settings Card Dashboard:

Note: If you have an external GPS connected, or want to use the internal GPS with NMEA, you should tell QVX to ignore the position service. To do this, check the box in the QVX Settings-GPS:

Then the entry no longer appears in the Xplorer.


On Windows, you must allow access to the location in Settings-Privacy-Position and allow apps to access your location. The other options further down in this dialog are irrelevant for QVX.


On the Mac, you must first enable the positioning service in System Preferences Privacy and there you can also allow QVX to use it:

If QVX has not yet been allowed to use the service, this question appears when starting GPS-Online:

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