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NMEA receiver

To use an external GPS receiver - Bluetooth or USB cable - with QVX, it should first be installed and connected according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will set up the required COM port.

Then it should be automatically recognized by QVX and listed under GPS devices:

Now you can start the GPS Online

While GPS-Online is running, you can see the incoming NMEA records in the info. You can also save them into a file, if you activate GPS-NMEA Log in Settings. Then for each day a file nmea_20190919_000000.txt is created in the folder QVX_Data\Logs.


If the device is not recognized, first check in the device manager whether there is a Com-Port:

If not, it is a problem with the drivers and you should check the manufacturer's instructions again.

If so, it is possible that the device transmits on a different baud rate than 4800. Then you can select Comport and Baudrate manually in QVX Settings-GPS:


According to the manufacturer, the Mac also requires a driver to be installed that sets up a serial port. These are located under /dev/tty… and are usually called something with usbmodem. As long as there is no corresponding port, it will not work in QVX.

If the driver is installed correctly, QVX will find it automatically.

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