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GPS Online

In QV, “GPS-Online” is traditionally a mode which, with a connected GPS device, permanently shows its own position on the map with an orange arrow symbol. Additional information such as course and speed is shown in yellow display panels.

While driving, the displays are usually updated every second.

The route covered is displayed as a blue tracklog and is also saved. You can save your position as a waypoint at any time with the MOB function (traditionally “Man-Over-Board”).

All displays and parameters can be configured in many ways.

Optionally, a route to a destination can be calculated and QVX can then navigate to that destination using symbols and/or voice output. See chapter Navi.

Operating a PC while driving reduces your concentration on traffic, route and terrain. Please stop to work in QVX if possible or leave it to your co-pilot, just for safety. Please also observe the national regulations regarding the operation of instruments in the car.


First, make sure that under GPS Devices a device is listed that provides the position. See here.

Then start with GPS Online .

The GPS panel:

Further options can be found in Settings.

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