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You can exchange routes, tracks and waypoints between QVX and Garmin devices.

Export or send routes to Garmin devices

Format Garmin GPX

Switch Fill up route points:
Then QVX inserts new intermediate points into the route up to the maximum number of devices supported, so that the devices - independent of the routing profile selected in the device - route exactly the route as planned in QVX. Especially with the Garmin Zumo 390/590/BMW Nav 5 or newer up to 2000 additional points are added, which leads to very good results.

If the switch is not set, the route will be transmitted with all stations, the ones you set and the instructions from the roadbook, and the device will recalculate its settings, possibly resulting in a different route than planned.


The new routes do not appear immediately in the Xplorer. That's because Garmin has to import them himself first. This happens automatically as soon as you disconnect the USB cable from the device. Then the Garmin switches off or restarts. With the Zumos, you now have to import the new routes into the route planner.

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