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Route planning

Use the commands Planning a new route or Planning a round trip to plan a new route.

  • A new route with the name “New Route” is created and saved in the active Route Table.
  • The Info of this new route opens in a panel docked on the left side.
  • The Edit Mode with Append Points is activated in the map window.

So you can immediately start selecting or clicking the route points one by one on the map.

New route

New round trip

With the command Planning a round tour you plan a new round tour. This requires the Graphhopper routing engine. You can choose from different profiles, motorcycle curvy, car, bicycle etc..

  • Set the desired approximate length of the route, and
  • optionally a direction in which the round tour should start from the start.
  • Then click on the desired starting point on the map, which is also the end point.
  • Now click on Generate to calculate the route:

Now you can vary the parameters length and direction, each time you click on Generate until the result fits.

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