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With the function Migrate from then Tools-menu, you can import your existing data from another app, like QuoVadis 7 or BaseCamp, automatically into QVX.

First you need to select the folder on your hard disk, where the data files are stored. Then select the type of data you want to search for, or if you are uncertain, just Select all and QVX will automatically find all supported file types for you.

Then click on Search, to search all the files which can be imported.

As the last step, click on Start import.

Depending on how many files were found, this can take a while, but QVX is informing you about the progress.

When finished, you will find a new folder in Xplorer Window named “Migration” plus the current date and time. Inside this folder you will find all your data converted to QVX format.

Some additional notes:

  • to import QV7 qv5db-files, you need to have QV7 installed, see here for more information.
  • to import Basecamp gdb-files, you need to have GpsBabel installed
  • for each gpx, kml, kmz or gdb-file, a separate database is created.
  • all files of type fit, tcx or itn are imported in one database for each type.
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