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In the Xplorer tree under GPS Devices, all devices that are connected to the PC/Mac via USB and can be used by QVX are displayed. The devices appear there automatically as soon as they are detected by Windows or macOS and are also removed automatically when they are unplugged.

If a device is not detected automatically, you can always select Update from the context menu of GPS devices, but before you do so, you should check in Windows Explorer-This PC to see if it appears there, which can take up to a minute:

The following device types are supported:

  • Garmin, old USB and PVT protocol, e.g. 276c (Windows only, not Mac)
  • Garmin removable disk, GPX protocol, e.g. GPSMAP 64
  • Garmin multimedia protocol, such as Zumo
  • TomTom
  • Android smartphone with QuoVadis Mobile
  • GPS mice NMEA
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