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Map export

Select Map export from the Tools-Menue.

You can export any maps from QVX for QVM, which can then be used offline, i.e. without an Internet connection.
The QMZ key must be entered for maps protected by copyright! You can import the finished QMZ map into QVX for viewing.

QVX can only export online maps in Mercator projection directly to QVM. If you want to export a map of another type, e.g. a topo map, you must first load it as an overlay over any online map (e.g. OSM) so that it can be reproduced on Mercator. You should then hide this online map in the project manager so that it is not exported.

The map engine in QVM is based on the tiling technology in Mercator projection known from many online maps - e.g. Google, OSM. This means that the raster map is broken down into tiles of 256×256 pixels and stored in directories according to the zoom levels and the X and Y position of the tile. - For protected maps the maximum size of the map section is limited!



As long as this section is not available, please check the QV7-Wiki.

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