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Activate licenses

All QuoVadis software articles and maps must be activated once. The License terms limit the use of a license to one or two computers.

QVX performs an online comparison with the user's QV shop account to determine the licenses purchased. QVX does not require SN, but is activated via the QV shop account. Newly purchased tickets can also be activated for QVX via the QV shop account. If a card from an older purchase is not listed in the shop account, it can be activated via SN in the QVX activation dialog.

If you purchased the items in the QV Shop, you already have a QV Shop account.

If you purchased the items elsewhere, please make sure that you have received a 35-digit serial number for each item. For activation you still need a QV-Shop account, which you can create hier if you don't have one yet.

The first time you start QVX, the account dialog opens automatically.

The demo period of 25 days does not require a QV-Shop account, but must be activated online in the activation dialog.


Enter the email address and password of your QV Shop account and click Verify.

All purchases from the shop are then loaded and listed.

In the second step these licenses must be activated, i.e. they are assigned to your computer. For this purpose please click on Activate.

If you don't have a QV-Shop account yet and/or just want to try QVX, click on Activate demo version to test QVX for 25 days.

That was all for now, the dialogue can be closed again.

My licenses

On this page you can see the list of all licenses.

Order Status Shows the status of an order in the QV Shop. Only completed orders can be activated. When paying with PayPal it usually takes only a few minutes. Otherwise it will say “Ordered” until we have received the payment. Until then, it cannot be activated.
Activation Status Shows the status of the activation
Max # / Act # Displays the maximum and current number of activations
Valid until The expiry date of the license, e.g. demo version or annual subscription


Maps are provided as downloads. Click on Download to download and install your maps See also here.


If you want to change computers, you can use Deactivate to remove all licenses from that computer, freeing them to be activated on another computer.

This is the normal procedure when changing computers. First deactivate on the old computer and then activate on the new one.

If the old computer is no longer available or no longer running, you can deactivate all activations of all your devices on another computer with QVX. All activations that run on your QV-Shop account will then be deactivated by all devices.

After that you have to check and activate on all devices again, which of course requires an internet connection.

Multiple devices

As before, QVX can also be used on two devices. So repeat this procedure with the same QV-Shop account on the second computer. Please do not copy the qvxshop1.ini from the QVX_DATA folder This is always bound to the device-id of the computer and does not work on another computer. The other two inis, qvx.ini and qvxuser.ini, can easily be copied to have the same settings on both devices.

Manual import

On this page you can activate licenses that were not purchased in the QV-Shop with a serial number.

So enter the 6-digit item number and the 35-digit serial number and click on Import into my account.

TTQV4 Activate map

Maps from TTQV4 times were delivered with a map code consisting of 2×5 characters, LIKE 1D2C0-A9B5C. Additionally you need your TTQV4 serial number, a 4 or 5-digit number, e.g. 12345. For activation in QVX, please combine these two codes with an underscore and enter this in the serial number field:


The article number is a form of the former Touratech article number shortened to 6 characters. We only need the numbers 4 and 5 and 6-9 (ignore hyphens). For example Topo Germany 01-090-0139-0

so enter 900139 as article number.

Import of QV7 licenses

If you use QV7 and have e.g. topo maps, you can easily import their serial numbers into QVX.

It is important that QV7 must be installed for this process and the maps must be unlocked in QV7. QV7 must not be running during the import, so quit QV7 before.

First click on Read QV7 licenses to get the licenses from QV7, and then click on Import to my account to import them.

You can then install the maps in QVX:

  • with tools - install map package, or
  • with import of the map file into a map table, or
  • by importing the QV7 database that contains the maps in QV7


If you use the easyROUTES tour database, you can enter your username and password for access to this page. This allows QVX to also access the easyROUTES tour database in the function Touren herunterladen.

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