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Installing QV maps

How do I get my maps purchased in the QV-Shop installed in QVX?

All maps from the QV-Shop are provided as downloads, so that you can download and install them immediately after the purchase. So the steps are:

  • Activation
  • Automatic download /installation
  • Optional manual download /installation


After you purchased maps in the QV-Shop and received payment confirmation by email, you have to activate the new map.

To do this, open the File - Account dialog and click on Verify. Now the new map should appear in the My Licenses list. Finally, click Activate to activate the map for this computer.

If you purchased a map from another dealer, you should have received a serial number. Go to the Manual Import page and enter this serial number.

Automatic download /installation

Open the dialog File - Account and go to the page My Licenses, then Download.

The dialog Download packages opens with the selection My QV-Shop purchases. Now select the package you want to install and choose Download and install from the context menu or the option menu .

The maps are always installed in the QVX_Data\Packages folder.

Optional manual download / installation

Windows and Mac

With the payment confirmation by email you have received the download link. Download the zip-file and install it in QVX with Tools - Install map package:

In the following file selection switch to “Packages (*.zip)” and select the package.

Note: you can also install qbr packages and zip mapsforge, as well as qmr and qgbfs(HERE) routing databases.

The package will now be installed and the database My Maps will be imported. Finally a message is displayed and the map is shown in the Xplorer:

Manual installation of data media

Maps used to be delivered as DVD, CD or on USB stick. On these data media there is no zip file, but a setup…exe and the map data is uncompressed.


  • Run the setup from the disk and remember the folder where the package was installed.
  • In QVX import the map(s) from the installation folder.
  • See chapter Map import.


The setup on the media cannot run under macOS. You can still install the maps manually.

Open the DVD or USB stick and go to the Data folder. Copy the two folders qbr and dem:

Create a folder for the maps, e.g. in QVX_Data/Maps/Top200-D and paste two folders:

Now you have the following files.

As the last step, import any *.qbr file from the Top200 and Top500 folders into a map table. See chapter Map import.

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