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Important - Please read before purchase

To ensure that you are satisfied with QuoVadis X and your expectations are not disappointed, we have summarized some important information here. You should read this before you buy QuoVadis X You can also test QVX for 25 days free of charge. Simply download, install and activate the demo version.


QVX runs on all Windows-64 computers from Win 7-64 on. 32-bit Windows will not run QVX. The macOS version runs from Sierra. OpenGL 3.3 or newer is required.

Further information see here.

Activation / Activation Demo

QVX and all map and routing items must be activated online. For this you must have a customer account in the QV-Shop, even if you have bought QVX or cards elsewhere. The activation is done via an Internet connection. QVX does not require SN, but is activated via the QV shop account. Newly purchased tickets can also be activated for QVX via the QV shop account. If a card from an older purchase is not listed in the shop account, this card can be alternatively activated in the QVX activation dialog via SN.
**The demo period of 25 days also requires a QV shop account and must be activated in the activation dialog.

Further information see here.

Licensing requirements

QVX and all map and routing items may be activated on two computers. If you have more computers, you will need more licenses, 2 for 4, 3 for 6, etc.

Further information see here.

Differences QV7 - QVX-Basic/Standard/PU

QVX is not the successor for QV7. Therefore there are some functions from QV7 that are not or not yet included in QVX. Example Multitracking, or the Roadbook Editor. There are also some map formats that can no longer be used in QVX. Please check here whether what you need is included.

Version differences Mac - Windows

QVX for Mac and Windows are largely identical. However, there are differences when a particular function requires a third-party library that does not exist for Mac. For example, the HERE maps do not run on Mac, nor do the compass and DAV maps.

Further information see here.

Updates and Support

The software is delivered as a download and includes a permanent license and one year of use of the routing engines Graphhopper and Microsoft Maps, free support and free updates. After the first year, the software can be used with the current version with full functionality, but without Graphhopper/MS-Routing, without support and no updates.

If you would like to continue using Graphhopper/MS routing, updates and support, you can purchase an additional year of use at any time.
You can also upgrade to a higher QVX version at any time. Then a new year of using Graphhopper/MS-Routing, updates and support will start.

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